HOGSTER R 1.4-5.6-6x25mm Ultra-Compact Thermal Weapon Sight


HOGSTER R 1.4-5.6-6x25mm Ultra-compact thermal weapon sight, VOx 384×288 core resolution, 50Hz

  • Ultra Compact & Lightweight
  • Superior for hogs and predator control at medium distances
  • Switchable image polarity: White Hot / Black Hot / Colored Hot.
  • Automatic Shatter Based Thermal core
  • High resolution 1280×960 Display
  • Picture-in-picture function with 2x magnification
  • External Power supply
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HOGSTER R™ VOx 384×288 Thermal Weapon Sights are aimed at the growing feral hog market. The sightis exceptionally lightweight, compactand. HOGSTER R™ comes with a tactical quick release (QR) mount that makes the mounting quick and easy when rifle is equipped with the Weaver rail. HOGSTER R™ compactness makes it suitable for use as a handheld imager for scouting purposes.

The sight is built with the superb Germanium optics that is paired with an advanced Vanadium Oxide (VOx) thermal core and proprietary electronics. HOGSTER R™ features an intuitive, user-friendly menu to customize settings to the shooter’s needs without disengaging from the target, including MIL-Dot and Crosshair reticles along with White, Black and Colored image polarization.

The scopeis nitrogen-purged, is water-, dust-and shock-proof and is action ready in any environment or light conditions, including conditions when the environmental obscurants such as smoke, dust, haze, are present. HOGSTER R™ is suitable for use in colder temperatures thanks to the unique built retaining its own heat and keeping the cold sensitive elements warm, virtually making it a great universal choice for any demanding user.

  • Ultra compact & lightweight
  • Superior at medium to long-range distances
  • Switchable image polarity: White Hot / Black Hot /Colored Hot
  • Selectable Auto NUC or Manual NUC
  • High resolution 1280×960 Display


Product Modification HOGSTER-R
Product SKU# BE43025
Optical Magnification, x 1.4x 2.0x
Digit Multiplication, X 2X, 3X, 4X
Objective lens system 25mmF/1.1 35mmF/1.1
Angular FOV at 1.0x (horizontal x vertical), degree 14.9° x 11.2° 10.7° x 8°
Eye relief, mm 40
Focus range, m 0.5 to infinity
Diopter Adjustment, D (hand held mode only) -5: +5
Reticle W/E adjustment value at a distance of 100m (110yds) 0.8″/2.04cm increment per pxl
Core resolution, pxl 384×288
Pixel pitch, µm 17
Image refresh rate, Hz 50
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD), mK <50
Display type and resolution, pxl LCOS 1280×960
Start-up time, min., sec. 5
Animal type and size (in Length & Height), approx., ft² Hog
L16 & H9
L5 & H2
L16 & H9
L5 & H2
Detection, approx., yds / m 600 /550 460 /420 800 /750 660/600
Recognition, approx., yds / m 225 /200 160 /145 300 /275 200 /185
Dimensions with QR mount, in / mm 7.0″x2. 83″x2. 36″ / 180x72x60 7.68″x2. 83″x2. 36″ / 195x72x60
Weight, approx., oz/g 16.44 / 466 17.14 / 486
Power supply 3V CR123 (two) or 3.7V rechargeable (two) or 5V Type C USB port
Estimated battery life, hour up to 4
Operating temperature, typical, °F/°С -14° to +122° / -25° to +50°
Water intrusion IP67
Humidity, % up to 98%


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